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John Amico BiovitaShine Moisture Rich Permanent Creme Color


is a moisture-rich permanent creme color from Italy with NO Ammonia

NO PPD and NO Resorcinol.

This revolutionary color line offers 

58 color shades with 

2 high-lift colors, 

2 toners and 2 mixers. 

PLUS a line of color concentrates 

to create endless shades of color!

Imported from Italy

and exclusively from John Amico.

[for professionals only] 




Instant Restructuring Treatment

deposits oils and then seals 

the cuticle to lock in color

leaving the hair shiny 

and full of body

Perfect to use after color or 

chemical treatments

This exclusive product from 

John Amico is imported from Italy.



John Amico offers 

unique service products that are 

not available anywhere else, 

including glazing color-intensifiers

hydro enzyme developers, 

bleaching sands and 

clay-based ultra blue bleach

pH-balanced repairing therapies 

for a variety of hair conditions, 

90-day semi-permanent waving systems,

straightening and relaxing systems

and more!

[for professionals only]



Our exclusive 


line is formulated in Italy to deliver 

sulfate-free moisture to protect color-treated hair and infuse it with hydration

A built-in Anti-Fade Complex maximizes color retention, while the hydrating ingredients minimize static and 

provides amazing shine.



John Amico's 


is the one that started it all

Not only is our first product, it remains one of our best-sellers -- for a reason!

CIT is a light finishing spray and 

body builder that can be used with 

hot rollers or curling irons. 

It will not stick to curling irons 

and can be used on either 

wet or dry hair



Any style you or your clients dream up, 

John Amico has your back! 

Looking to add texture & volume?  


Want some curls? You got it!

Need a strong-hold hair spray? 

No problem!

How about great fragrance?

Gotcha covered!

Moisture? Yep!  

Color retention? You bet!

You need it, we got it!



We offer a variety of products that address the special needs of your customers, including our therapeutic 

"Comeback" system, 

which detoxifies the hair while 

rejuvenating the scalp 

with a soothing agent, 

our clarifying "Chlorimed" Shampoo, 

which removes build-up, 

leave-in treatments to deep condition 

the hair, and more!



While our styling aids work for both men and women, John Amico has 2 lines of products specifically for men's hair, 

M | Men -- 

which includes a full line of 

male grooming products, and 

Clipper Guy -- 

with a more powerful formula to deliver today's modern guy hairstyles.

We also offer a revolutionary 

5-Minute Beard & Mustache Color Kit 

that your clients can apply at home!



There are times when a wet shampoo or conditioner just is not possible... 

Our Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo, 

Dry Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner come to the rescue  to refresh

revive and rejevenate hair 

with NO water or blow dryer required! 

Marula Oil and other conditioners

 moisturize and protect the hair from 

sun and dryer heat.



John Amico has developed unique women's and men's fragrances that are memorable, ranging from fragrant floral and fruity notes, through playful sophisticated scents, to warm and sensual. There is a fragrance for even the most discerning nose!



At John Amico, we believe that 

being healthy is the foundation 

of beautiful hair, skin and nails. 

We have developed Bio-Vitamins 

Hair Complete Vitamins that help 

stimulate hair growth for 

longer, stronger and thicker hair. 

Composed of Biotin, B12 and 

other B vitamins, as well as a

proprietary blend with 

hydrolyzed collagen and 18 amino acids, 

our Bio-Vitamins will deliver 

beauty through stronger hair, skin and nails.   



John Amico has perfected products 

for hair care -- so it's only natural to extend that know-how to our fabulous 

Skin & Spa Care products!

We offer a variety of products, 

from skin cleansers, toners and facial scrubs

to moisturizers and anti-aging 

restorative formulas. 

We also have shower gel, as well as 

hand and body lotions, foot balms, 

and shaving products.

All are high-quality and spa-worthy!

BIOVITASHINE CREME COLOR (For professionals only)

BiovitaShine Creme Color is the NATURAL Choice...

 [for professionals only] 

The BiovitaShine Color Collection uses the best ingredients and the latest technology to produce the safest color available today--for both the professional and the client. It strengthens the hair with Keratin, protects the hair with Argan oil and moisturizes the scalp and hair with Shea butter-- with NO ammonia, NO PPD and NO Resorcinol.

This revolutionary new product offers 58 pre-mixed color shades (mixing ratio 1:1.5) with four high-lift colors (mixing ratio 1:2), two toners (mixing ratio 1:2) and two mixers (mixing ratio 1:1).

There are also six concentrates that can create infinite shades.

BiovitaShine Creme Color:

  • Creates thousands of colors
  • Gives long-lasting shine
  • Imparts intense, luminous color 
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Made in Italy exclusively for John Amico

Are you interested in THE most exclusive Hair Color in Europe and the United States?

Only a selected few salons can use these products based on passion, artistry and image.

If you would like to have more information or see if you qualify, call us at 1-800-676-5264

** Please be ready to provide your Professional License number ** 



MINERALI OIL Instant Restructuring Treatment

John Amico's exclusive MINERALI OIL (Biological Minerals & Natural Oils) Instant Restructuring Treatment is a unique collection of natural ingredients, including seaweed and sea kelp from the Mediterranean Sea, imported exclusively from Italy by John Amico.

This five-minute professional service repairs and conditions hair, replacing lost moisture and locking in color. Within the first two minutes, these nutrient-rich ingredients, including jojoba oil, are deposited into the cortex of the hair. 

Then, the activation of trace volcanic minerals, including zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese close the cuticle tightly, lowering hair to a 2.7 pH level. The nutrients get locked in and the hair becomes shiny, healthy and stronger. 


  • Works in minutes... Instantly repairs and conditions hair
  • Replaces lost moisture
  • Locks in color
  • Strengthens chemically-treated hair
  • Will not revert relaxed hair
  • Use as a cutting solution to retain moisture
  • Made exclusively for John Amico in Italy

This is a perfect conditioner, especially after a color or chemical treatment. Great for all hair types!


smoothie keratin system (Professionals only)


John Amico's Smoothie Keratin treatment is an amazing new product that re-energizes hair -- giving it full body, more moisture, strength and shine. All while controlling frizz and smoothing hair to make it more manageable. Say good-bye to treatments of the past... and hello to the latest technology. Your customers will thank you for it... and best of all, they'll keep coming back for it!

One of the most exciting features of this fantastic new product is the ability to custom blend your formula. Most keratins are a "one size fits all" and as a professional, you know that there are many different hair types. Therefore, we begin with three solutions that allow you to use them as is or blend them.

Chocolate Smoothie

Enjoy coca's numerous benefits and add shine, vibrancy and moisture to your hair with our Chocolate Smoothie Keratin Treatment. Reap its powerful anti-oxidan benefits, which help prevent free radicals from causing elastin damage, simultaneously nourishing the hair with essential vitamins and minerals. Also rich in flavanoids, this treatment enriches and rejuvenates the hair by maintaining collagen and fighting against sun damage. With Chocolate Smoothie the hair will obtain extra shine, smoothness and remain free-free for up to five months. Contains 2.5% Formalin.

Fruity Smoothie

Discover our Fruity Smoothie Keratin Treatment. This powerhouse of anti-oxidants helps neutralize free radicals, moisturize your hair, add luster, improve hair color and make hair more manageable. Incorporating berries into our Fruity Smoothie Keratin treatment intensifies the antioxidants at least six times that of the average berry. This allows the product to last longer and provides long-lasting smoothness for up to five months.  Contains 2.5% Formalin.

Orange n' Aloe Smoothie

Indulge yourself with Orange n'Aloe Smoothie Keratin. It contains an exotic blend of vitamin-rich orange and keratin protein to restore the health and elasticity of damaged hair. Using Aloe Vera and Argan Oil, this system effectively deposits and seals amino acids and vitamins to the hair, smoothing away frizz while adding luminous shine for up to two months. Formaldehyde-free formula.

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