John Amico Professional Haircare

John Amico Professional Haircare

John Amico Professional Haircare John Amico Professional Haircare John Amico Professional Haircare

~ Non-Diverted, High-Quality Products ~

~ Technology that Increases Your Sales ~

~ Opportunity for Residual Income ~



John Amico Discovery kit full of professional hair care products

We have some of the most loyal customers and professionals... 

and there's a reason for that! 

Our C.I.T. (Curling Iron Texturizer), 

Comeback Shampoo, Medaclear Shampoo, Minerali Oil Instant Restructuring Treatment, VitaShine line and BiovitaShine Hair Color 

are in high demand... 

Come find out more about our products and why your clients will love them too!


John Amico members host an educational class

Be sure to check back often for our latest class offerings, locally, regionally and nationally.

Our Annual CHICAGO CHICAGO Beauty Show takes place every September -- it's an event you don't want to miss!

Most classes offer CEU credit for Illinois.


John Amico technology helps to build professional stylists' business

Want to learn how you can build your business and increase your income when you're not behind the chair? 

John Amico uses mobile and web technology to help you maximize your productivity and your retail sales. 

John Amico Discovery Kit 2019



high-quality professional products 

for services and retail

John Amico cosmetology education


Free and low-cost local, 

regional and national events, 

webinars, in-salon training and 

hands-on workshops

John Amico members and professional hair stylists host an educational event


Peer-to-peer training and networking, 

sharing passion, supporting each other 

and celebrating together

John Amico with some of his professional hair salon staff and members


Professional development and support, including commission and incentives for sharing about John Amico

john amico is different than other professional companies...



Our products are provided to professionals through 

our own distribution and through authorized salons and stylists. 

You will never find our products in  big box retailers, 

cosmetic superstores, drug stores or supply houses. 

Watch this short video (1 min) to see what John Amico is doing 

to take back our industry from the manufacturers 

that are selling out professional stylists.


Join John Amico and be Diversion Free!



Created BY Professionals - FOR Professionals

John Amico Professional Haircare is a salon-exclusive brand with a wide range of products to meet each of your clients' needs. We offer products for men, women and children of every ethnicity. Our products can be found in salons across the country -- but you will not find John Amico products in big box retailers, cosmetic superstores, drug stores or supply houses.

  • Diversion Free ~ Our products are provided to professionals through our own distribution and through authorized salons and stylists

  • High-quality ~ John Amico sells only the highest quality products, which you will love to use and your clients will continue to purchase from you.

  • Ethical ~ We have not -- and will not -- support or condone animal testing.

  • Exclusivity ~ Your clients will need to return to you or your personal John Amico website to order products from you.

  • Flex-Profit Pricing ~ You set the price of your products! You can earn 100-500% profit margins on service and retail products.

  • Virtual Retail Store ~ Members are provided with their own John Amico replicated website where their customers can purchase products as if they purchased directly from you

  • Purchase Rebates ~ Earn back 5% of your sales on a monthly basis

  • Promotional Materials ~ We provide you with in-salon displays and retailing support items to help you build your sales

  • Flat-Rate Shipping ~ No matter how large your orde, we offer flat-rate shipping to offset your cost.

  • Customer Service ~ A dedicated customer service coordinator will be available to you for personal, unparalleled service.

  • Incentive Prizes ~ You can win a 7-night cruise and other incentives based on purchases, participation in educational events and team building.

Professional Products You Will Love

We offer retail and service products that your customers will come back to you for, over and over again. 



At John Amico, we put 50+ years of beauty industry know-how into everything we do. We draw upon our deep industry roots in the creation and distribution of the highest quality hair care products, as well as our experience in cosmetology education and salon management. We believe in the importance of salon and stylist development, and celebrate every member's success story.

Part of that development is Education. We provide free and low-cost education to our membership. Learn from other industry professionals through our seminars, in-salon eduation, peer networking, webinars, and local and regional events. Technical certification courses are also available for a nominal fee.

In addition to our regular educational offerings, John Amico will host its 42nd annual educational event, CHICAGO CHICAGO in September of this year. 

Visit for more information.


Learn about our in-salon training sessions, hands-on workshops, certification classes and conferences by visiting the John Amico Education website 

John Amico group on board the Regal Princess - February 2019


Don't just take our word for it... ask our professional members! 

"I LOVE John Amico Professional Haircare! In the first year as a member, I sold more products than I have in the past 29 years of being in the hair industry! I also won the incentive trip to Cancun for FREE! I have clients coming in asking for the products. It is my hair industry family! They are there for me and support me!" -- Angelia Austin, Chandler's Salon & Spa

"Since joining John Amico, the education I have received and that has been made available to me is amazing. After 27 years in the cosmetology field there is still so much more I can learn! My service and retail sales have more than doubled. I have a newfound confidence in what I do and the products I do it with. I decided to share my success with other stylists and became an educator last year. The most rewarding thing for me is actually being able to meet the family behind the business and having one of my dreams of a working vacation made available to me, which was Mexico this year! And not only did the Amico family welcome me with open arms, but also my husband Josh, and that has been amazing for both of us!" 

-- Elisa McKinney, Independent Stylist

"John Amico as an organization means 'family' to me! As you spend time with the members and the Amico family it becomes quickly obvious that this a a giant and silly long-distance family!"   -- Bobby Sue York, Salon Diva


Every winter we host an Educational Adventure (aka "JA Getaway") trip to the Caribbean -- either a week-long cruise or a 4-day land-based all-inclusive event in Cancun. 

Some members can earn this trip through various incentive programs, but ALL members are welcome to join us!



John Amico provides stylists the tools, education and support they need, as well as the opportunity to earn money -- even when they are not behind the chair! Having the choice of when to work 'behind the chair' is freedom -- freedom to pursue your own hopes and dreams, and to build your future.

Professional stylists are encouraged to become Leaders by sharing John Amico products and education with other stylists. Leaders can earn up to a 24% commission on the service and retail sales of their personally sponsored new members.

Here's what some of our John Amico Leaders are saying:

"After winning my first cruise, I had attended John Amico classes and felt excited about sharing the opportunity with others. The John Amico organization means everything to me, including financial freedom in retirement. Through my involvement with John Amico, I have experienced more traveling and made new friends at classes, which has been so meaningful. The most rewarding thing about being a Leader with John Amico is seeing new members 'get it' -- having their 'a-ha moments' -- and seeing such emotion flow from the great opportunity John Amico offers them. Being a Leader with John Amico has taken my career to a new level that is rewarding, emotionally & financially. It's JAmazing!

-- Kitty Gray, Outback Salon, Conway, Arkansas

"The professional beauty industry is the ideal platform for the merging of social media and multi-level marketing. We are at a unique point in time in which salon professionals can leverage opportunities to create financial security and lifestyle freedom. With John Amico I am building a team of professionals who can live out their hopes and dreams and build the future they choose... all through product, education, culture and opportunity. Join me on this amazing adventure!

-- Ivan Zoot, Independent Stylist & Author, Chicago, Illinois


See how John Amico is different than other professional hair care product companies...

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